About Us

Our Story

We built Desert Call B&B through a joint labor of love in February 2015. We have such immense love for the desert and Arad that we decided to make it our home and raise our two children here. We established the B&B with the intention of offering people from all over the world the much sought-after respite from the hectic pace of modern life. At Desert Call B&B, we strive to make sure you have everything you need during your stay in order to relax and restore yourselves in the comfort of nature’s primal, serenity-inducing beauty. We hope that nature’s reviving qualities will work its magical powers on you and revitalize you.










The Origin of “Desert Call”

We decided to name the B&B “Desert Call” after the name of the local bird we spotted running around in the open in front of our balcony. We later discovered that the bird’s name was actually “Eurasian stone-curlew” and not “Desert Call.” Eyal then recalled a little motel by the name of “Desert Call” that operated in Arad during his childhood in the 1960’s. As a result of that, we were resolved to keep the name as a nostalgic gesture to old time Arad.

How the B&B Came to Be

We got the idea to build the B&B during the time we were living in Misholey Rahaf, the tourist village near Arad. We always knew we would make something together, but we didn’t have a clear idea as to what it would be exactly… We shared the love and know-how for craftsmanship, eco-friendly construction, as well as an appreciation towards all forms of art. The idea of building and operating our very own B&B in nature began to form in our minds and seemed like a dream worth actualizing.

In order to make our dream come true, we first had to conduct rigorous research and look into the existing hotels, resorts, lodges and B&B’s operating in Arad. We soon realized what was missing and how we could differentiate ourselves from the other places. It was important to us that the B&B would have a clear, direct and an unobstructed view of the desert. Therefore, we looked only for locations that stood at the edge of the city that were in line with our vision. Secondly, the location needed to have the appropriate distance from the neighboring houses. In addition, we wanted the B&B to have plenty of space. As far as design was concerned, we wanted to create an atmosphere that was intimate, cozy and also indulging. That is why we placed a special emphasis on clean design, using the best possible materials, high quality furniture and paid close attention to accessorizing. We know the little details are just as important as the big ones and can completely change the whole experience.

It took us a year to find the right place. After a great deal of searching, we arrived at an old and messy house that required serious work. However, Eyal’s imagination and construction experience afforded us the opportunity to see a diamond in the rough. We then bought the asset and spent an additional year renovating it. Part of the work on the project took longer than initially planned due to “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014. Nonetheless, we persevered as Eyal managed the project together with two other laborers and professionals. Finally, the work was completed and our vision came to life.

Once the construction was completed, we commenced the task of furnishing and accessorizing. Prior to making any decisions, we consulted our friend Gali, owner and proprietor of Yehelim boutique hotel in Arad. She knows everything to do with the finest materials, ranging from a bed mattress to window curtains, towels and bed linens to Jacuzzi and faucets… We took extra care in choosing every detail in order to ensure your vacation experience at the B&B would be pleasant, indulging and comfortable.


We fondly invite you to experience the magical powers of the desert with its peaceful, breathtaking beauty…


We look forward to your stay with us at “Desert Call” at the edge of the desert…

Eyal and Dafna.