Vacation in Arad

Desert Hiking Trails

There has been a significant change in recent years when it comes to ways of exploring the desert. A large number of marked trails have been added, including the Israel National Trail (INT). In the vicinity of Arad, you can easily find about 40 exciting trails with caves, lairs, brooks, farms, archaeological sites, and naturally— lots of stunning desert views, valleys, hilltops, observation points and so much more.

Off Road Adventure Trails

If you find yourself more inclined towards other means of transportation, you will not be short of action. Off-Road driving, dirt biking, ATVs, and Camels are available and can be arranged.


Kfar Hanokdim >

Activities and Workshops

Arad has a wide range of activities and workshops from which you can choose. You could visit the Artisans Quarter in which you’ll find lots of cool fun stuff to get your creative juices flowing as you let your imagination run free.


Soap making workshops > 

Yoga and Flamenco lessons >

Midbar Winery >

Sheeta Brewery >

Heli - Mosaic and glass beads >


Arad has several restaurants, cafe's and nice chill places where you can just sit and unwind after a long day.


Muza Arad (Pub and Restaurant)


Kaparuchka (Gourmet Pizza)

AnnaMaja Foods (Home Restaurant)



Arad Outlet (High-quality towels and linens)

Natural care products

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